Our Mission and Vision

Education for all, live and let live, Prevention of pollution, save Ecology of nature; help sick, aged orphan, poor, mother, Child, and Liberation, empowerment of women and save from HIV/AIDS.



29, Badra Barawaritala Road, Badra Ghosh Bagan, P.O.- Italgacha,
Kolkata-700079, West Bengal, India .

About Our Society

The name of our Society is –“ Dum Dum Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Smriti Samity”. To Commemorate the name of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Father of the Indian Constitution, a social reformer, Patriot. Philosopher, Guide and an emancipator of the weaker section in the Society, has been adopted to adorn him with the name of our society as a mark of respect and honor to his greatness. G. B. of our society consists of 15-members and every general member has right to elect and to be elected to the G.B. as per Regulation of the Society. All the members of the society are like minded People and have good understanding among themselves and are very much considerate, fellow- fillings and think for well being of the others. Every member of our society are capable of and entitled to cope with any matter of the society in normal time and in emergency with the consent of the Governing Body and is entitled to elect and to be elected as a member to the G.B.as per Regulation of theSociety. Our members are always ( 7x24 hours) ready to assist and help in any situation for the benefit of mankind. We are committed to render relief in distress, in Natural calamities and in any sorts of relief which Our society is capable to render to the incumbent. Our society is guided with the Act 1961. The Rules 1963 and with the instruction and guidance of the Registrar ,Government of W.B. and of the G.O.I and as per Regulations of the Society.

Idea and Inspiration

An Idea for formation of a NGO generates when we observe the worst condition, sufferings and helpless situation of the pooper section of people in the outskirt of the villages and slam-dwellers in the cities, we the some of the members of our society started to form a NGO with the intention to provide them relief through it. We have also been emboldened with the encouragement of the patriots of the country and being a citizen of a free India we are to pay back to our society and we have to do something for the benefit and well being of the others who are in need of it.

Future Plan

Home for old age/senior citizen and orphan :
We are cherishing to establish the old age/senior citizen home as well as home for orphan and the distressed.

Housing for the poor :
More than 75 % men in India are living in the villages, urban and semi-urban areas. and 10% to 15% of them are poverty stricken and living on BPL. Our society has intention to build small houses for them in the villages and in the sumps of the cities.

To establish night schools for drop out students and adult literacy :
Our society has plan to establish night schools for drop out students and working Men and women in the villages and in the slumps of the cities for total literacy.

Mobile dispensary :
We have plan to render health services specially to the poor villagers and slump- dwellers in the cities in mobile van.

Eye clinic :
Our society is interested to establish an Eye Clinic for the poor section of people in the society.

To establish a community-cum-training centre :
Our society has plan to establish a Community-cum-training centre for providing vocational training, SHG Guide, physical exercise & yoga Giode-cum-training and training for midwifery, health guide and guide for relief in natural calamities and training for guide and awareness about HIV / AIDS .