Our Mission and Vision

Education for all, live and let live, Prevention of pollution, save Ecology of nature; help sick, aged orphan, poor, mother, Child, and Liberation, empowerment of women and save from HIV/AIDS.



29, Badra Barawaritala Road, Badra Ghosh Bagan, P.O.- Italgacha,
Kolkata-700079, West Bengal, India .


Benevolent and generous public, donors and well-wishers are invited to be the members of our newly born society. Our society welcomes the P.S. (Partnership System) from the big and well established NGOs.
Our newly borne society seeks assistance and help from all the corporate bodies, financial Institutions for execution of objectives earmarked within the financial year.
Our society appeals to the trusties which provide financial help for education & development of the poor section of people on the society.
Our society welcomes the land owners and to donate their land for building an old age home, a community-cum-training Institute, yoga - exercise centre .
Our society also invites to the owners of buildings to donate their buildings for the benefit and interest of the poor and orphan child for their dwelling, education and betterment of life.
G.B. of the society appeal to the exchequers of both the Govts. to grant fund for execution of the objects earmarked for well being and betterment of the poor section of people in the society.
Our society also appeals to the philanthropists to assist and guide this newly born society to achieve its goal.