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Our Mission and Vision

Education for all, live and let live, Prevention of pollution, save Ecology of nature; help sick, aged orphan, poor, mother, Child, and Liberation, empowerment of women and save from HIV/AIDS.

Regd No: S/IL/90604 of 2012-2013

NGO Unique ID: WB/2012/0053448,                           Govt. of India



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"Dum Dum Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Smriti Samity". To Commemorate the name of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Father of the Indian Constitution, a social reformer, Patriot. Philosopher, Guide and an emancipator of the weaker section in the Society, has been adopted to adorn him with the name of our society as a mark of respect and honor to his greatness. G. B. of our society consists of 15 - members and every general member has right to elect and to be elected to the G.B.as per Regulation of the Society. All the members of the society are like minded People and have good understanding among themselves and are very much considerate



29, Badra Barawaritala Road, Badra Ghosh Bagan, P.O.- Italgacha,
Kolkata-700079, West Bengal, India.


Mobile: 9903048987 / 9874468434
E-Mail: info@ddambedkarss.org